Brockport Ltd (also referred to as ``Brockport`` and ``the Company``) specializes in gas, power and infrastructure and are the premier, indegenous provider of Liquified Petroleum Gas/Propane to large retailers, factories and housing estates in Nigeria. Brockport also facilitates the delivery of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) or propane to its customers. Brockport also specialized in providing a broad range of specialized services in the electrical and power industry in the country and intends to expand across the continent.
Brockport has successfully built and developed a skilled workforce from the abundant and mainly untapped, but educated and talented labor force present within the country. Brockport's founder and management team are veterans in the industries where they plied their trade and can boast of over sixty solid years of combined experience across the numerous services offered by the company. They have worked with major players in the banking, oil, gas and power sectors. Propelled with a vision to fully permeate their service areas through innovative solutions and improving efficiencies. Brockport is at the forefront of providing quality services while boosting the local economy, keeping much needed revenue within the country.
By investing effort and time in training local talent, Brockport has gained access to a highly skilled and expert workforce that consists of full-time electrical/power engineers, reliability engineers, quality control inspectors, software engineers and project managers. Through rigorous and extensive internationally recognized and accepted training methodologies, this adept team can also offer consulting services to clients who choose to outsource the services or for those who lack the manpower necessary to accomplish the given task.
With our rich pool of expert local and homegrown talent, outsourcing these services outside our shores will be a thing of the past as Brockport seeks to reverse this trend.


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